Tuesday, February 10, 2009

31 Wonderful Years and More to Come

Happy Anniversary to David and I. Last Wednesday we celebrated our 31st anniversary of marital vows. It's hard to believe. It doesn't seem like it until we start recapping everything we have done in the last 31 years.

We have moved 10 times.

We've lived in three states; Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

We have raised two wonderful sons.

We have said goodbye to too many friends and relatives, including one Dad and two Moms.

We have remodeled our house too many times to remember.

We bought and love Edgar's Acres.

We have loved and lost six pets.

We currently have 5.

We have owned 8 cars.

We have made new friends, and said goodbye to old friends.

We have gotten grayer, rounder and a little slower.

We've advanced from beer to wine.

We have moved from the Disney Channel with out sons, to American Idol and the Animal Planet with our dogs.

We used to give each other romantic anniversary gifts, now its trailers to hook to a riding lawnmower, and having the furnace and ducting cleaned.

We have finally figured out how to grow all the produce we need organically in the Pacific Maritine Northwest region.

In each of the 31 years, we have cherished the time we could have together.

We still have a lot we want to do, and do it together.

Happy Anniversary David. I love you and love our life together.



  1. Wow, Has it been a fast 31 years of marriage. Time goes by fast when you are having fun with someone you love. Yes, we have met a lot of good friends and have said goodby to a lot of friends and family members over the years. Yes, there are a lot of things that we want to see and do before we are to old to do it. Love David