Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm not liking Tuesdays too much right now.
Tuesday the 7th, was a nice day.

Tuesday, the 14th, started out nice enough. After all, it was my 58th birthday and I was feeling just fine. Priscilla and Preeti took me out to lunch to Pabla, an Indian restaurant, and we had a lovely time and good food. A lovely day up to that point. When we got back to lunch, we received a firm wide notice that 38 people had been laid off that morning. Several good friends. Needless to say, last week at work was a bit of a bummer.

David and I traveled over to Edgar's Acres over the weekend, and fortunately the weather was outstanding. We did a lot of work on the garden (I'd show pictures, but left the camera at home), and relaxed.

This week started out fine, beautiful weather, and things at work were much calmer. Then Tuesday the 21st.
A.J. is sick and we don't know what's wrong at this point. Yesterday evening he didn't want to come out of his little house when we got home. He was fine in the morning, and in the afternoon when David came by to see the dogs and let them outside for a bit. Around 9:30 David put him down off of his lap onto the deck and A.J. couldn't walk or stand up. I ran over to pick him up and his neck went rigid and he was ice cold. The only reason we knew he was alive was I could feel his heart beating. With slippers on our feet, David and I drove A.J. over to the emergency vet. By the time we got there A.J. gums and tongue were white and he as really out of it. He stayed at the clinic overnight and is a bit better today. I went and picked him up and transported him to his favorite vet, Dr. Rachel. He's warm, and the color in his gums and tongue are now a light pink. The other dogs are wondering where A.J. is.

I figured since I was at home today and really can't concentrate on anything much (I love my dogs) I'd knit. I'm trying to finish up a sock.

Remember this sock? The one I was bored with?
Well, I kissed it good bye. I decided why knit on something you are (1) bored with, (2) don't like, and (3) not enjoying knitting it. I'll try it again later. I realize I may be contrary to the entire sock knitting society in North America, but I just wasn't enjoying knitting with Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn. I LOVE the colors, but hate the way the yarn was pooling in the foot.

Since then, I've started other socks.

The sock on the right is knit with Regia sock yarn and I really enjoy knitting with it. I have a couple of pair of socks knit out of this yarn and they still look new and have held up to wearing and washing beautifully. I've decided it is one of my favorite sock yarns. The sock on the left is knit out of Universal Yarn Bamboo Sock, which is merino wool, bamboo and nylon. I've never used this yarn before. It feels so nice and I'm enjoying knitting with this yarn as well. The fabric of this sock is very soft and relaxed. It will be interesting to see how it washes up and how well it wears.

In case you are wondering, no I didn't finish a "pair" of socks out of the Regia yarn yet. My routine is to work on three pairs of socks at a time, by knitting one sock, then moving on to another yarn, and knit one sock, etc., until I have three socks. After three socks are done, I start all over with the three different yarns, and knit one sock at a time. When I am done I have three pairs of socks. This helps a great deal with the second sock syndrome. It helps to entertain my brain while commuting to and from work.

This weekend we are heading down to Portland on the train to see Frank and John. It's been a long time since we've seen them. I'll remember to take my camera.

Well, on to socks and to pray for A.J.



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