Monday, April 27, 2009

We're All Home Now

David and I are back from our weekend in Portland, and A.J. is home after his visit with the vet.

On Friday morning David and I took the Amtrak Cascades to Portland to visit Frank and John. It had been since Christmas since we saw Frank, and John last visited in February. Too long, but everyone is so busy. The train ride was so relaxing and we enjoyed the scenery. David loved the idea of not having to drive in the horrible traffic, and he is a train buff so the trip was a treat for him.
We caught up with Frank and John on Friday night for dinner and to watch the Trailblazer basketball game. Rachel, Frank's girlfriend joined us. We really enjoyed meeting her. The boys had barbequed steaks, baked potatoes, salad and garlic bread. Rachel brought strawberry shortcake. We ate REAL good. The game was interesting. They lost, but John provided entertainment with his coaching (I do the same with the Mariners). We had a good time, lots of good food, and of course, good company. I also did my best to provide entertainment by banging a toe on the door jam. Never a dull moment. The boys have a nice apartment, and I love the shoe closet. At least they know where to find their shoes.
The pictures above of Frank and Rachel, and of John WERE NOT taken at their apartment. Just want to clarify. The shoes, however, were taken at their apartment.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. David and I slept in, had breakfast and then walked over to Lloyd Center. I can remember when the Lloyd Center first opened up many, many years ago. Now it is a covered mall and full of the usual shops, which is too bad. Back in the dark ages, the Lloyd Center was an open air mall with many local unique shops. It was a very interesting place to go to. The fresh air was always welcomed after strolling through the large department stores with all of the perfume in the air.
Saturday evening we caught up with Frank and John and went to Harvey's for a comedy show. It was good, and we had some good laughs. Some of the routines were a big raunchy, but on the whole good. After the show we caught up with Rachel and went to Huber's for dinner in downtown Portland. Huber's is Portland's oldest restaurant well known for their turkey dinners. Frank was the only one who had turkey, the rest of us had to be different. After spanish coffees, too much food, and good company, we all parted and said good night.
Sunday John picked us up for lunch and then took us to the train station for the trip back to Seattle. We were lucky enough to have seats on the water side so the view was spectacular.

David and I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful sons, and to have such a good time with them when we are together.

A.J. is back home now after being at the vets since Tuesday. We had him stay with the vet while we were out of town to have them administer his medication and to give him some more time to stablize. He is on prednizone to help him feel better and he is walking and singing as usual. Susan was so kind and went to visit with A. J. while we were gone and it meant a lot to him (he told me so).

A.J. has liver cancer, and it's inoperable. It is an aggressive cancer and we really don't know how much longer he will be with us. All of the doggies are happy he is home, but they do know he is sick. They are being so kind and gentle with him. As long as A.J. can walk and isn't in pain, he is here with us. We love this crazy little dog, even if he is blind, sings, dances, is toothless, and tips over food dishes. All of those little things make him the loveable doggie he is.

Well, it's time for bed and bedtime snuggles for the dogs. Tomorrow is another work day.



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