Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Susan!

Susan turned 60. Not only is that a milestone birthday, but also an occasion to celebrate and party. Susan's sister, Barb (on the left) came from Wisconsin to help celebrate!
Susan has a fabulous group of friends. People she works with came. Here's Gillian toasting Susan's 60th.

Gary, Ruth and Jim came as well. It was so good to see everyone. It has been a while.
Cynthia cooked up her famous green beans. She cooked up four quarts worth, and not a one was left after everyone ate. Here's Cynthia with Pat, having a good time.

Barb made it a point to get to know everyone. Here she is with Carolyn and Sid. As you can see we had great weather.
Myrna and Deb came, as did Chiya. Take my word for it. We are hardy Northwesterners. People stayed on the deck as long as they could.

Katie, Steve and Cindy were there as well. What's a party without the Date Night group.

Sandra came up with a fun game. She made kitty faces with a note on the back that said "I purr for Susan because ..." Great comments. Here's Susan sitting with the donations for the kitties.
Here's the family photo. Susan, Barb, and their nephew Jake, and his charming girfriend, Kara.

It was a blast. It's taken me a week to recover, but I loved every bit of it all. The planning, the food prep, talking and emailing old friends and having a fun time. Thanks to David for all of his help and for grilling all of the entries (shrimp, salmon, turkey, and flank steak). Thanks to the guys for helping him as well.

Happy birthday again Susan. You do 60 well. We all hope we look as great at that age.



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