Friday, October 23, 2009

Report on a Generally Boring Week

I've no pictures, no links for you all this time around. The past week has been just routine, standard, and nothing out of the ordinary. Just root canals, work, and knitting. So let's see what might be of interest to my dear blog visitors (I assume you're there).

Last weekend ... got caught up on OHS 2009, Blog, bills, and mail. I did freeze more tomatoes we have ripening in brown paper bags on the formal dining room table. Oh, and we watched baseball and football, and football and baseball. During all of this baseball and football I did knit. Got one project done but can't post it right now. The expectant mommy might read this blog and don't want to ruin the surprise. She gets it next Thursday so pictures will be posted then.

Monday I got another root canal done. I've been having such a rockin' good time having my calcified roots drilled that I decided to get another one done. Good thing I like this endodontist. Came home, took some vicodin, and watched more baseball. No knitting. No no. No knitting while on drugs. Doesn't work.

Tuesday through Thursday the usual, work, work, and more work. Pain, pain and more pain, but whose complaining. It gets sympathy, but would rather be able to eat a grilled flilet rather than pot roast cooked all day in a crock pot. We had rain, wind, sun, cold, and the usual October weather. Oh, and more baseball. You see, I'm married to a died hard Yankees fan. He's on his own right now since John is living in Portland. I HATE THE YANKEES. No secret, David's known this since our second date.

This morning we got up at 5:00 a.m. and headed over the Edgar's Acres. Ahhhhh. Love it here. The dogs love it here. Tooth feels good, work will wait unti Monday, and we get a long weekend in Paradise. I've put the sunflower seeds in salt water to soak overnight and will roast them tomorrow in the oven. I've brought over more ripe tomatoes and will freeze them on Sunday. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so I'll be outside planting and working in the garden.

I did finish another pair of socks this morning. I'll have pictures when I can locate my camera.

Well, dinner is almost ready and smells delightful.

This is truly an unexciting posting. Oh well, who said life has to be interesting all the time.



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