Thursday, October 1, 2009


I went to the monthly gathering at the Eastside Knitting Guild and had a wonderful time. Nancy, one of our members got a great discussion going about what makes a great knitted sweater, and fun dialogue was flying everywhere.

I also picked up so more stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings 2009. I am constantly overwhelmed by this generous group of knitters. They are always knitting for someone else, or for a group that needs knit items. All of these knitters and the knitters attached to the Guild are such a kind and caring group.

The knitters at Stitches from the Heart in Bellevue, sent 105 stockings. Wow. They are busy knitters, and look at how beautiful they are. I picked up a couple of bags of stockings from members of the Guild, for a total of 64. Again, beautiful, and so appreciated.

The troops really do appreciate the time, love, and thoughts that are in each stocking.

We have so much gratitude to these knitters.

I also finished up another baby blanket, this one for Nolan Patrick. I am hoping he loves it. I loved knitting it for him.

I learned a lesson this week. On Tuesday I came home from another round with the endodontist, this time with Vicodin. Well, DON'T try to finish up a sock toe while on drugs. Yep, messed it up and will have to spend some time this evening tinking my way back. Don't worry, no Vicodin tonight. Tooth much better.



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