Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom and This Blog

This morning I was walking around looking at my garden, cup of coffee in hand, thinking about how beautiful the day was, when it hit me. It was my mom that introduced me to gardening when I was a very, very young girl. I remember sitting next to her while she weeded, collecting worms in a Band Aid tin. As I was walking around I was also thinking I needed to update my blog when it dawned on me, if it hadn't been for Mom teaching me to knit 50 years ago, there wouldn't be this blog. As I remember Mom on this Mother's Day, I also remember how the small things she taught me as a child, have become major aspects of my life now as an adult, and a mother myself. I do think of Mom each time I post an entry because most of the entries somehow involve knitting, and gardening. Mom was always interested in what I was knitting and what we had growing in our gardens.

This year we planted asparagus, which would have thrilled Mom. She loved asparagus, but I didn't because she overcooked them. Well, now that I have discovered asparagus doesn't have to be cooked to the gross point, I also love them. When I got the bee in my bonnet to plant asparagus, I didn't realize what a project it was going to me. I am going to share the whole experience with you so if you decide to plant asparagus, you'll be better prepared.

Last fall I read up on planting asparagus and decided on ordering asparagus crowns. I prepared a bed with good soil and compost last year, fertilized and was all set to go this spring. The bed was 14' by 18" and 12" deep.

I ordered a little blooklet this Spring entitled "Grow the Best Asparagus." Good thing I read it before we planted the crowns. The original bed ... TOO SMALL.
We had to quickly plan on a MUCH LARGER bed. We laid out a 6' x 30' bed. Asparagus are a perennial and have a huge root structure. The roots will grow 6' deep and spread out 5', and the asparagus ferns grow 5-7 feet tall. Well, at least the ferns will block the view of the neighbor's yard.

This bed had to be started from scratch. David rented a rototiller and tilled. Susan and I spaded, and spaded some more. We dug the "trench" to place the crowns in. After storing these dear crowns on a cookie sheet in my fridge for three weeks, we planted.

In a trench about 12" deep, and 18" wide, you make little hills to place the crowns on.

Strange looking I know, each on looks like an octopus.

After the crowns are on the little hills we covered them with the first layer of soil. As the plants grow over the summer we will add soil until the trench is level with the ground around it.

If you look carefully, you can see the little crown head sticking up next to the hose (on left near the hook on the hose).

The soaker hose is in place. We will need to do a deep soaking at least once a week this summer. Of course, we added a Johnny fence to keep the dogs out of the bed.

In the meantime, I finished my St. Patrick's socks last Thursday, which kicked in this beautiful weather. Which brings me back to this morning ...

beautiful. Thanks Mom for letting me dig in the garden with you.

Happy Mother's Day.



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