Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Threat of Knitting

I think everyone should commute on a bus, at least for a couple of weeks, so you can get an idea of how people react to different situations. It is interesting, and the majority of commuters are a delightful group. There are, of course, the idiots and jerks who think they own the bus/train/carpool, but fortunately that is a small minority.

There are the men (yes, men), who seem to think they need to be on the bus before anyone, including short, small women on crutches. The other day I literally stood in front of one of these men so a short, small woman on crutches could get on first.

There are so the men (again) who think they need a whole seat to work on their computers so others end up standing. If you request they move their computers/briefcase/gym bag, they act insulted, like we should all recognize how important this person is and let them have room for their importance.

There is the woman who has to talk at the top of her lungs on her cell phone about how awlful or wonderful her date was the night before, with details included.

There is the woman who thinks you are there to hear her life story.

There is the guy who has a Blackberry that keeps beeping a new call/message/email until the nice lady across the aisle takes it from him to turn it to quiet or vibrate.

The one person (man or woman) that I find the most interesting, however, is the "fear of knitting" person. I really shouldn't say "one" as this seems to affect a lot of people. I have discovered over the years that people don't want to sit next to knitters. I know it's not me because someone will sit next to me if I'm not knitting. Bring out the knitting, however, and they will pass by the empty seat each time, until IT IS THE LAST AVAILABLE SEAT ON THE BUS. I'm knitting a sock, on small needles, sitting like a little bird with my arms next to by body. I'm not flapping around my arms or the knitting. My purse is on my lap where the yarn is so the yarn isn't all over the place. I'm quiet, and keep my knitting to myself, and the colors of the yarn are beautiful. When someone does finally take the LAST AVAILABLE SEAT ON THE BUS, they sit leaning toward the aisle like they think they are going to get stabbed by the needles or caught up in the yarn. It's especially interesting to see someone recoil against the side of the bus if I get on after them and bring out the knitting. If I were a spiteful person, I could really have fun playing mind games with my knitting.

Knitters out there, have you noticed the same thing? Maybe there should be a knitting section on the bus or train where we knitters could share seats, admire each other's work, and you know, have a fun commute to and from work.



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