Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Official.

It's been seven years in the making and in waiting, seven years to prepare for the move.  Our move to Edgar's Acres is now officially taking place.  It will be over several months' time, but it's has officially started.  The Stash has now been moved to it's new address in Sequim.

This past week I packed up my yarn stash.  For seven years I've had yarn in Bellevue, and yarn in Sequim.  For seven years I've had needles scattered between the two locations.  Moving the entire stash and accompanying tools and accessories to Edgar's Acres is a big step.  It denote the final decision to FINALLY make the move.  Knitters will agree that when a knitter moves their stash, then the knitter is serious about moving.

The "shelving" is temporary until we get the white shelving we want in this room.  The dogs are fine with sharing their room with my stash.  Yarn is a good insulator both for warmth and for noise.  My yarn is happy to be freed of all of the stuffy plastic bags.

My first thought when I got all of my stash put in place was I don't need anymore yarn.  David's response to that ... "Yeah, right!"  At least now I know what I have.  I also went through and pulled the yarn I'll never knit up and it will go to the charity knitting group in Bellevue. 

I also found the camo yarn for OHS.  Several weeks ago Susan presented me with an official Operation Holiday Stockings knitting bag. 
Pretty nice isn't it?  I think it is awesome, and what a nice thing to do.  This bag holds a lot of yarn so I can also carry along other knitting projects besides stockings (one does need a bit of variety you know).

Meanwhile, my cousin Laura,  and first contributor in 2005 Diana have been busy.
Laurie's stockings were the first batch for 2011.  The yarn is sparkly but doesn't really show up in this picture.  They are so pretty.
Then Diana sent in her first bunch of stockings.  Our total now for 2011 is 56.  I've been knitting as well but not sure how many.  The nice thing about these stockings is they are so portable and a quick knit. 

Well, now that I have unearthed all of my yarn, I need to get to knitting. 



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  1. Awesome stash, and congrats on the impending move. You've certainly earned it.

    Doesn't it feel good to have a head start on the OHS for this year? I'd encourage others to send their stockings early during the year so you can relax a little as it gets closer to Christmas.