Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Dogs Do in Winter

In Winter dogs don't do much.  Actually, what they do best during winter is sleep.  If there's a couch, the dog will get comfortable and sleep.  If there is a lap, the dog will get comfy and sleep.  In fact, they are so in tuned to sleeping that it's a given that winter life revolves around sleep. 

Last weekend I was working on cleaning out, and organizing my yarn stash (still), and had a pile of leftover yarn. 
I wasn't sure what to do with it so I asked for ideas.  Since the dogs were the only living beings around at the time, the responses were something like this.
"What?  I'm sleeping here.  You want to discuss what?  Yarn?  Check with me in the Spring."
"What did you say?  Yarn?  Let me think."

"I'm thinking here."

"Thinking ..... thinking ..... thinking ....."


However, Louie was listening ...
"Duh ... I think it's quite evident what to do with the pile of yarn.  KNIT A DOGGIE BLANKET."  (Louie is so wise.)
That's what I did.  I used double strands of the worsted weight yarn and knit with size 13 needles.  This is the basic blanket that I found on the Lion Brand website many years ago. 

As you can see ...

it's been doggie tested ...

and doggie approved. 

In the meantime, Edgar is still sleeping through winter.

Off to Madrona and good times.



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