Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bird Baths

Yesterday I made bird baths.  I know I should have been weeding in the garden, but instead I went over to De's and with a group of fun ladies made bird baths.  These are made using rhurbarb leaves as the mold.  Putting it simply, here is how you make these.
You start out with a pile of sand and put your leaf on it to build it up a bit.  This is to make the "bowl" portion of the bird bath.
After you have built up the sand pile, you cover it with plastic wrap.

You then put the leaf back on the little sand pile.
Then comes the ready mix concrete.  Judy applied concrete dye to her leaf before putting on the concrete, which explains her red gloves.  All is well.

When you are done you have a nice mound of concrete holding a nice surprise.
You will note that even though we have beautiful sunshine, we are working in the shade with our winter clothing on.  Ahh Spring!

This is De taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.
When the concrete has cured, you can paint the bird bath.  This one was done a while ago. 

Thank you De for a lovely afternoon, and for introducing me to a group of wonderful women. 



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  1. Lovely Idea!

    What do you recommend using for a base?
    Do you have a finished picture?