Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walkin' on Sunshine

Still in the afterglow of Frank and Rachel's wedding, we headed out yesterday for a weekend at Edgar's Acres, where we were greeted with sunshine.  Folks, its been a while since we have had more than one day of sunshine (fortunately it was last Saturday), and that is since last September.  April has been a horribly cold, wet and gray month.  Everyone has been good sports about it, however, in light of the monsterous weather that has hit other parts of our country.  We are hoping the sunshine and warmer weather here in the Pacific Northwest will bode favorably on the weather east of the Rockies.

Our tomato plants are anxiously awaiting their spot in the garden, but in the meantime are happy to be inside where it's warm.  Poor babies would have perished if they had been planted outside earlier.  My cherry tomato is doing it's best to be happy.

See, two little tomatoes in the making.  Yum.

Yesterday we made a detour to Port Gamble since the Hood Canal Bridge was opened.  When you visit Port Gamble, you take a step back in time. 

I kept expecting to see either Pollyanna or the Music Man.  What I did see were these tulips, a treat to weather weary eyes.

The dogs are happy.  They are at Edgar's Acres, where the sun is shining and the grass is green.
Edgar (as in Edgar's Acres)

Louie squinting from the sun

 and Johnny.  He's tired from running in the freshly mowed grass.

We harvested our first crop for 2011 yesterday.  Yep, asparagus. 

This is the first year to harvest.  We will only be able to harvest a few so we can let the roots continue getting settled in.  At $4.99 a pound right now, these were a real treat. 

Just enough for David and I to have a nice portion.  Should be able to get another harvest next weekend when Susan and I come over.

Today I am joining up with some delightful neighbors to make bird baths out of rhurbarb leaves.  Should be fun.  More fun than weeding, which is what I really should be doing. 

Take care and stay safe.



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