Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scattered ...

Native Western Dogwood in our back yard.

A month, it's been a full month since I've posted anything.  Many times I started out to write something witty and so very clever, only to get distracted.  So what's been happening?

We've had the realtor come over to the Bellevue house, contractors are coming over to give us bids, we're cleaning up the yard when the weather permits, I'm helping plan a friend's retirement party, I'm getting ready for a 3-month sabbatical that starts July 1, we're putting together the Last Bellevue Barbeque, trying to get anything to grow in our garden, receiving requests for stockings for troops deployed in Afghanistan, working with the knitters, crocheters, and sewers to get stockings made, and we are planning THE BIG MOVE to Sequim.  Maybe that's why I haven't posted anything.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling scattered, distracted, and maybe a little bemused. 

Not all is scatterment, however.  We've been having fun getting together with friends, building fire pits, grilling on the deck, and, believe it or not, David and I went to the Irrigation Festival Parade in Sequim this year.  We were at the grocery store (took a while taking detours to get there), and decided to get a coffee, sit on the curb, and do the parade.  It was a blast.  I loved every minute of it.  Here is a annotated version of the parade.

We had the motorcycle drill team.
The City of Port Angeles Chain Gang truck (for real).
The Sequim Fire Department Engine No. 2
The sewer pumping truck.  Huge!
A front end loader with a bucket in the front and a scoop in the back.
Veterans from every war were there for us all to thank.
Toys for Tots.
The Irrigation Festival Queen and her Royal Court.
A vintage John Deere.
Marching bands (six of them).
Horses of all sizes.
A vintage tow truck.
Logging trucks.
Finally, a modified logging truck.

People were laughing, talking and sharing a good time.  It was a spur of the moment decision, and a good one too.

I continue to knit doggie blankets, because right now the garter stitch "dish rag" pattern is all I am capable of dealing with.  I am grateful to have my knitting, it's keeping me centered.  The doggies are big winners too. 

We have received a request to provide 700 stockings to a battalion deployed in Afghanistan.  The Chaplan asked if it would be possible for us to consider them.  I said yes, of course.  In about three months, we will be going full steam ahead on Operation Holiday Stockings again for the seventh year. 

Finally, among all of this excitement, Susan B. bought a new car and a beaut is too.
She's named the car Madeline and we are all excited for her.  Barb, her sister, is relieved.

Well, hopefully it won't be so long until the next posting.  Take care everyone, and happy knitting to my fiber friends.




  1. You can say yes with a little more confidence on the stocking request. Betty is up to 150 so far.