Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NW Region Small Paws

AUGUST 25, 2007
See attached flyer and contact Kristine Carter at CarterKL05 at yahoo dot com (use @ for "at" and . for "dot")
Louie napping in the sun and shade
Dear Team Members:

Well, tomorrow is the first day of summer, and hopefully we will be getting some summer weather. Despite the rainy weather, Louie was able to find some sun one day for a nap.

We have been busy in our region with foster and adoptions. Kristine and her family are busy getting ready for the Bichon Bash on August 25th. Please plan on being there. I always look forward to it so I can visit with all of you in person. The fluffs have a blast at these bashes. It's too fun to miss.

I have something very serious to pass on to all of you. In fact, all of the rescue groups in the area are passing this on to their volunteers. DO NOT leave your dogs unattended in a car, or let them roam freely in an unfenced yard. In the last month there have been 7 dogs stolen from parked cars and unfenced yards in King County. Last year there were over 30 dogs stolen in Kitsap County. This is becoming a very serious problem. I haven't heard any statistics for the other areas, but law enforcement feel it is becoming a widespread problem. Yes, law enforcement is becoming involved because of meth labs, and illegal dog fights. Some of the thiefs have been bold enough to drive up into a driveway and call the dog over and grab them and then take off. I am not trying to alarm you but want you all to be aware of this situation.

As a reminder to all of you, if you need help, have questions, etc., please contact me first before contacting Robin or Bonnie. Part of my role as your Team Leader is to help you get information quickly. Robin and Bonnie are so buried with emails that they need you to contact me first. If I can't answer or help right away, I will get the information for you.

In the past few months we have had some "get it done now" situations for pickups, transport and fostering. I can't thank you all enough for your immediate responses for help. You make my job a pleasure and I am so grateful for your support. I know I have been (and still am) a bit slow on some responses, but please keep in mind I will get back to you. All of us have to make priorities and the emergencies have to come first. So seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Now for the fun stuff!!!! LOOK AT THESE FACES

These are the fluffs we are currently fostering in the Northwest Region:
Ayden is a mill pup from Tulsa. He is being lovingly fostered by Rebecca in Grandview, WA. Thank you Rebecca for opening up your heart and home to this little boy.
Hiro and Jiro are an owner turn in and are being fostered by Kristine Carter. They are siblings and will be adopted together. Kristine, thanks for being there for these two dolls.

Muneca is one of our Mexican bichon/poodle mixes. She is 7 months old and coming along beautifully with her learning to be a loved pet. She is being fostered by Cindy in Sequim, Washington. Cindy thank you for everything you are doing for this timid and scared little girl.

[I apologize for not having a picture of Cloud. I lost it when my computer got the flu.]
Cloud is our other Mexican bichon/poodle mixes. She too is 7 months old and making amazing progress as a loved pet. She is being fostered by Ron and Maxine in Ocean Park, Washington. Ron and Maxine, thank you for being there for Cloud.
Angel Eyes is a mill pup from Tulsa, being lovingly fostered by Kaye in Boring, Oregon. Thank you Kaye for saying yes to fostering Angel.
Fritz is another mill pup being fostered with love and understanding by Bitsy in Olympia, Washington. Thank you Bitsy for giving this poor scared little boy a home and love.

Harry is an owner turn in being fostered with love by Pamela in Puyallup, Washington. Thank you Pamela for giving Harry the care and love to bring him back to good health.

Summer Saffron is a mill pup from Tulsa and is stil being fostered with love and patience by Kristine and her family in Arlington, Washington. Thank you again Kristine for loving this little girl.

These are the fluffs who have been adopted to their forever homes:
Mickey McGruff was fostered by Kathleen in Springfield, Oregon, and has now been adopted to his forever home. Thank you Kathleen for helping Mickey get ready for his new home.
March Mickey was fostered by Kathy in College Place, Washington. He has been adopted and is having a ball with his new forever family. Kathy thank you for helping this little mill pup get ready for his new family.

Keenen was an owner turn in from Tulsa and fostered by Gayle in Orofina, Idaho. He has since been adopted by Gayle and is a very, very, happy doggie. Thank you Gayle for fostering, and for falling in love with Keenen.

On this home front, A.J. had to have another three teeth removed. He is a mill dog who put in five years without any dental care. He is now 10 and throughout the past five years has had to have 18 teeth removed. The poor baby. He also had to have a mass removed and has 10 stitches on his chest. He must be feeling better because we can't keep him "quiet." In fact, I had to run him up to the vet because he popped one of his stitches in an hour's time. He is such a dear, and we feel so honored to have this "senior" in our family. I would appreciate it if you all would pray that the biospy comes back clear.

In closing ... BICHON BASH AUGUST 25TH. Please tell your adoptive families about this event, as well as anyone you know with a bichon, or a bichon wannabe.

Again, thanks for being such a wonderful team!