Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Off to Edgar's Acres

Tomorrow after work we are heading over to Edgar's Acres for vacation (at least for me). I am taking a ME vacation. This is the first vacation in ages where I won't be taking care of mom, kids, moving someone, or recuperating from surgery or injury. I'll be spending 10 days gardening in the a.m., doing whatever in the afternoon, and knitting in the summer evenings. I can hardly wait. My blogs will be spotty because we only have dial up but you will hear from me (that is if anyone is visiting The Yarnability).

You know, there is one advantage to dial up ... you get a lot of knitting done while waiting on the computer. I'm taking along my OHS 2007 knitting kit and will keep it next to the computer. These little socks only take about 2 hours to knit in total time.
All I need to have is the sock pattern, yarn, 16" size 7 needles, a pair of snippers, and a yarn needle. Pretty neat. And ...
it all fits into a quart size baggy and fits into my purse (no comment please on the size of the purse).

I am taking along plenty of knitting projects. The Heartbeat Sweater, enough yarn for 6 pairs of socks, yarn to start a new sweater, and yarn to knit another baby sweater for charity. I've also got my needle bag, notions bag, notebook of patterns, and knitting magazines.

I am also taking along three seed catalogs, two gardening books, and my seed box and gardening tools.

Because of the weather forecast, I am taking clothes for colder weather, and after the 4th (of course), when summer really starts around here, I am taking clothes for warmer weather.

I might even read a book.

I may have some friends come for a couple of days to weed a dandelion patch.

I might go to Taco Tuesday at the Elks.

Who knows. What is important here is, for 10 days I can do whatever I want. Heaven ... I'm in heaven...


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