Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Pit

Frank and John came up to Edgar's Acres a couple of weekends ago to build something for David for Father's Day. (I know, little late for Father's Day but we have alway extended holidays and birthdays.) A horseshoe pit.

First the location ... where to put it.

This looks good. Nice view of the mountains, level, and won't be attacked by the sprinkler system three times a week.

When we first got our place in Sequim we thought it would be fun to have a horseshoe pit, we have the room, and the clanging noise wouldn't bother anyone. It was, however, low on the list of priorities. So, we ordered the supplies, and hauled them to the designated spot (these guys love driving the truck in the yard). Of course, Edgar was there to supervise.

Looks pretty good, and it's fun. They do good work.
Now, here is a question that only a gardening mom would think of ... do you suppose I could plant tulips behind the backboards for early spring color?
I love watching these guys at work, they are a real team and get the job done. And a great job they did too.

John went ahead and mowed the lawn for me that weekend. I think he enjoyed himself, don't you. What a classic picture, maybe entitle it something like ... what more does a man need ... he has his dog, tractor and beer.

When I was taking pictures of the horseshoe pits, I stopped to look at the last pit these guys built for me. The fire pit, built in about 30 minutes by these two.

We are so blessed with Frank and John. They are wonderful sons and now that they are adults, we are having a blast with them.

Thanks guys for coming up to Edgar's Acres to build the Pits for Dad.

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