Wednesday, July 4, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

I woke up late this morning, around 7:30, too late to start out in the garden. The dogs and I went to bed after midnight last night because our neighbors were celebrating the 4th of July last night with a lot of fireworks. They had a great time, the dogs were totally freaked.

Since I was got up too late to work in the garden (I've been gardening from 5:30 a.m. to around 9:30 before it gets too hot), I decided to work on the Heartbeat Sweater.

Yesterday I finished the back and sewed the shoulders together. It is going to be so pretty and I love the way it looks.

I went to try it on and IT'S JUST PLAIN TOO BIG. The front and back necklines come down below my bra, just way to low for me to be wearing around any where. Okay, my clothing construction and fitting background come into play here, ... let's increase the shoulder seams to raise the neckline.

Nope, still TOO BIG! Okay, raising the neckline isn't an option.

I decided to go mow the front lawn. I was mowing along pondering my sweater and feeling frustrated when a neighbor rode down on his bike to introduce himself and talk over a misunderstanding concerning this kids cutting through our yard. What a nice thing to do, and we got the problem resolved very nicely.

Still mowing when I heard a familiar sound and looked up and WOW, it was an American Bald Eagle circling overhead. He was so low I could see his beak. It was thrilling watching such a majestic bird, and it dawned on me, today is the 4th of July and I got to see the national emblem in flight. I had to stop, turn off the mower, and just watch as he flew and rode the wind currents. It was a reflective break of about ten minutes watching this beautiful bird.

On with mowing when I noticed our neighbor Fred walking around his house to his front porch carrying something, and without a hat on. Fred and his wife Viola moved down from Canada many, many years ago. During WWII, Fred was in the Canadian Army. And Fred is never without a hat. I rode the mower and watched him step up his front porch when I noticed he had a flag in his arms. I stopped, and turned off the mower again, and watched this dear man of 86 raise the American Flag with reverance and respect to honor the 4th of July. After the flag was raised he saluted and then very quietly walked around to the back of his house. I was touched, and felt honored.

I finished mowing the front lawn while thinking about the significant of the 4th of July. The TOO BIG sweater seemed like a small matter in the scheme of things.

As for the sweater, I've got to think on that, but in the meantime, I started a baby sweater.

Have a wonderful, safe, and patriotic 4th of July!

Baby Boomer Sue

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