Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tuesday night we picked up a 14 week old bichon puppy named Johnny. The owners turned him over to us because he needs heart surgery and the cost is way beyond their means (as it would be with many of us). Of course Small Paws Rescue said yes. Johnny has a Grade 6 heart murmur. He is heart murmur baby No. 52 for Small Paws Rescue. You can read all about our heart murmur babies at our website.

He is adorable. He is 5.5 pounds of baby bichon fluff and is sweet, sweet, sweet. I was going to take some pictures of him today but MY DIGITAL CAMERA HAS FINALLY DIED. The only pictures I have of him were taken the night we picked him up. Little Johnny wants to play but tires out too quickly. After his surgery he can play to his little HEART desires.

He does, however, have energy to chew electrical cords, pull on robe hems, and look for mischief. Doesn't last long, however, because he tires out too quickly. His little heart is bouncing all over the place and his chest vibrates. He has trouble breathing, but has good pink gums, and clear lungs.

Tomorrow morning we will put Johnny on a jet plane to Texas A&M for his surgery. We will miss this little baby, and pray he heals quickly.

To the wonderful family that rescued him from another party before calling us, thank you. Because of your generous hearts, he is now part of the Small Paws Rescue family, and will have his surgery for a good long life.

God be with you Johnny, and we pray you have a wonderful and long life.

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