Thursday, July 12, 2007

They're the Perfect Summer Knitting Project

I got the nicest email from Diana, one of the OHS 2007 volunteers. I can't paraphrase it and do it justice so Diana said I could just insert it into my blog. The picture above is of one of her stockings.

"OK, you got me hooked. Didn't think I'd like knitting the socks, didn't think I'd like them when done, but I did, and I do.

"I used your pattern and made the top 6 rows of garter stitch in white and the rest red - one bit of decoration of garter stitch when forgot to pay attention and purl back, but cuter than heck. Love the way the toe shapes up.

"Since there were Christmas colors of perfect yarn in a stash I was gifted, guess it was meant to be. I'll see how many I can knit by the gathering time. They're the perfect Summer knitting project."

Now, let me tell you about Diana. When I sent out that first plea for stockings in 2005, Diana was the very first person to respond and help start the wheels rolling. She is one of the Blanketeers for Small Paws Rescue, and one of my foster volunteers. I will be the first to admit that the Christmas of 2005 was looking to be a real downer because the our son the LT was in Iraq. I can remember Diana sharing stories with me via emails about her loved ones being away during the holidays. She also sent a lot of encouragement for the stocking project, and helped me keep my outlook positive. Diana you are a gem. Diana is also the volunteer I called on when I picked up Gus at the Humane Society. Gus was so sick, very underweight, and hurting. The minute I saw him I called Diana to see if she could foster and love this dear doggie. She, of course, said yes. Well, Gus was adopted and is healthy, happy and so loved. Diana made that possible by her tender loving care.

And now she knitting socks for OHS 2007. Diana is just one of the many special people who get involved in Operation Holiday Stockings. Thanks Diana!

I mentioned I started knitting a baby sweater while vacationing at Edgar's Acres. I finished it today and it was gifted to a young lady at work. This woman is due to have her second daughter any day now, which is such a joyous and exciting event to look forward to. There is a cloud to this, however. Three weeks ago her father died unexpectedly. She was devastated. When Cynthia told me about this young woman, my heart ached for her. When I was 3 months pregnant with our oldest son my dad died of a heart attack, totally unexpected. I wanted to do something. I don't know this woman so asked Cynthia if I could finish up the sweater and have Cynthia give it to her at the shower they held for her today.

Cynthia gave it to her privately so she could tell her why I knit it for her new baby, and that I hoped it would help a little to heal her pained heart. The young lady called and in tears thanked me for caring for her and for her new baby. And she loved the colors! The colors are bright and will be perfect (in my mind that is) for winter. I told her that the sweater is full of prayers for her new daughter and that it will provide God's warmth for her this winter.

I used the Classic Worsted Tapestry by Universal Yarn, Inc., in the Party Time color. The pattern is the Babies Neck Down Sweater by Knitting Pure and Simple Now here is the weird thing, see how the stripes in the sleeves match. This is a self-striping yarn and I did NOT plan to match those stripes. It just happened to work out that way.

We are off to Edgar's Acres this weekend. We've got raspberries, broccoli, peas, Walla Walla Sweets, and garlic to harvest. Yum Yum. I'll also have a report of the Pit for all of you.

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  1. Wow, Sue, You're way too kind... I'm blushing.... Have I told you how glad I am that you are our team leader? It's easy to be a good team member when we have a great leader.