Friday, October 5, 2007


These past two weeks have been hard. Through it all, however, my girlfriends have been right there for me.

Women are lucky because they have girlfriends; friends who are sisters.

When I got the call to head to Portland because Mom had slipped into a coma, the first person I called was a girlfriend, Cynthia. What was Cynthia's first comment? "What can I do?"

When I got in touch with Katie to tell her we wouldn't be in town for "date night" she asked "what do you need me to do?"

When I emailed Susan at work she asked "how can I help?"

When I called Debbie to tell her Mom had died she said "when can I see you?"

When Cindy called after Mom died she said "what can I do to help you?"

When I called Leslie in Sequim she said "tell me what I can do to help."

They all kept in touch with me while I was in Portland by calling, emailing and taking us out to dinner.

Debbie and Bob took David and me and the boys out for a lovely dinner, and came to Mom's funeral.

Cynthia and Susan drove down from Seattle for Mom's funeral to be with me.

Katie, Cindy and Susan called me this week on Date Night to make me laugh.

Last night Leslie came over and let me talk.

Tomorrow night Susan and Cynthia are coming over to celebrate Susan's birthday and to catch up.

They all knew Mom and I didn't have the "perfect" relationship, but knew that we had the typical mother/daughter relationship, which is still very strong. They all knew a part of me was screaming in pain, and another part of me was relieved that Mom was now in peace and no longer suffering.

Hey Girlfriends, thanks for being there for me. There isn't an adequate way for me to say thanks. That's okay, because I know all of you know how I feel. I am very blessed to have you all as my friends.

You are the best!


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