Monday, October 8, 2007

I Need to Get Back to Knitting

I need to get back into knitting. I've been doing a little knitting, mostly something to keep my hands busy, but I find I am doing more pacing lately than knitting. I know my heart hurts and my mind is tired, but I need to get back into knitting.

I thought maybe a new project would be fun. I looked at my patterns and my yarn and nothing appeals to me.

I thought starting a new Baby Surprise Jacket would be nice. I've started it but it's not grabbing me.

I thought working on my shawl would be soothing. Nope, not that either.

Maybe a new pair of socks?

I've got a lot of projects I could finish, but that certainly is not appealing to me right now.

I know it's my frame of mind right now, but knitting has always been a comfort to me.

Maybe it's too soon for me to feel comfort.

The dogs would love to have me sit on the couch and knit. For them it's snuggle time, and that's what we do this time of year.

They need comforting too.

Maybe a pair of socks to warm my feet.


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