Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Camellia Storm Has Hit

For the last twenty years we have been able to count on one thing each winter.
As soon as the camellias are in bloom, we're going to have one last bad storm. These camellias are about 25-30 feet tall and the blooms are large and ever so perfect, in a pale pink. The shrub/tree always looks stunning when it is full of the blooms.
We also know that as soon as the Anniversary Rhodies are in bloom, we are going to have a bad storm. This year, however, the rhodies are blooming a bit late to coincide with the Camellias. The rhodies usually bloom in early February, which is why we have always called them our anniversary rhodies.

This morning I went outside and noticed the camellias were looking beautiful, all nice and flowery. The Anniversary Rhodies are in full bloom, and we even have some daffodils in bloom. The sun was shining through the fluffy clouds and it was nice and temperate. The dogs and I spent quite a bit of time outside this morning just enjoying the day.
That was this morning. Around 1:00 this afternoon the Camellia storm moved in. We have had rain, wind, thunder and lightening, and hail. The weather continues to be stormy so who knows what the camellias will look like in the morning. On the flip side, however, generally after the camellia storm, comes Spring.

This morning I sent off my seed and plant order for our garden, which is always fun, and full of hopeful anticipation for better weather.

Then it was time to knit, sit, and enjoy the quiet time with David and the doggies. Edgar decided it was timefor a nap.

I got the hand candy socks done. They are now official FOOT CANDY. I know the recipient will love the socks. It's cold where she is, so the socks should feel good on her feet. I had Cynthia try them on last night to make sure the size was right and I could tell she didn't want to take them off. Who knows, maybe Cynthia will start knitting socks.

Frank's fingerless gloves are done too. I am really pleased with the way they came out. They are so soft now that they have been washed. The dogs like the gloves too. Edgar is usually so good about leaving my knitting alone, but for some reason, he likes these gloves. He hasn't been rough with them, just wants to carry them around and then sleep with them. It's Johnny I'm worried about. He'd probably try to eat the pair. The gloves are currently behind a CLOSED door so they can't get them.
Tomorrow I do taxes. If we get a refund I'll send the tax return in right away. If we owe taxes, I send them off on my birthday. Got to love April 15th.

It's off to my scarf and a lapful of dogs.



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  1. Wasn't there supposed to be a hat that went along with those gloves???