Saturday, March 8, 2008

We Spoke

Bella DK and I had a conversation this morning. I had to find out why the yarn wasn't cooperating with me.

Me: What's going on? Why aren't you cooperating with me?

Bella DK: Huh? Whatta mean?

Me: You're fighting me on this blanket and I want to know why.

Bella DK: I can't.

Me: Can't what?

Bella DK: Can't say.

Me: I feel like I'm talking to a teenager here instead of yarn. You need to be more specific. Why can't you say. Come on, tell me.

Bella DK: I can't be a baby blanket.

Me: What?

Bella DK: I can't be a baby blanket.

Me: Why not?

Bella DK: I'm the wrong color, I'm orange.

Me: I know you're orange. That's why I'm knitting you into a baby blanket.

Bella DK: Wrong color.

Me: Why are you the wrong color?

Bella DK: The pinks and blues told me so.

Me: What? I need more information here.

Bella DK: The pinks and blues at A Dropped Stitch told me I was the wrong color for a baby. They told me that you had to be pink or blue to be a baby item. They told me orange was the wrong color for a baby item. They seemed to be right because the pinks and blues were taken away while I just waited on the shelf.

Me: Alright, listen up. I bought you because you ARE orange. I looked everywhere to find you. You are the PERFECT color for this baby blanket. Babies love color, and quite frankly, most pinks and blues are too blah for babies. You are a lovely, bright, soothing orange. Just what I was looking for. Everyone has agreed you are perfect for this baby blanket.

Bella DK: Really?

Me: Yes really. This blanket is for a first grandson for a friend. My friend is so excited about becoming a grandma, and her favorite color is ORANGE. That's why I need you to be a baby blanket, and to quit fighting me along the way. You are going to be a snuggle blanket for this baby, and will get lots of love. You are going to bring lots of comfort to the baby, and grandma is going to be thrilled that you are ORANGE.

Bella DK: Really???

Me: Yes. Now can we move on with this, put your hesitations behind, and get the blanket done? I'm having lunch with grandma on Monday and would love to give her the blanket then. How about it?

Bella DK: Alright!!! Thanks for letting me know. Thanks too for picking me out.

Me: Okay, off to knitting. Glad we could talk this over and work out this issue.

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