Monday, March 17, 2008

When you have this ... you need this

David and I are pretty practical people. We are also very independent thinkers, pretty much determining our lives without being concerned about "what the neighbors will think." We like to think we are in control of our lives. Well, after the last few weekends, I am beginning to think there is another force leading us along. A force multiplied by four. A force with 4 legs, so when multiplied by four that's 16 legs in all.

You see, when you have this ... little Johnny, 11 months old ...
You need this ...
This is the temporary fencing around the pea patch, but effective all the same. In the next couple of weekends, we will have Johnny fences around all of the beds, all about 12" high. Got to keep the little critter out of the garden beds.

Then there's Edgar.

When you have this ...
You need this to keep Edgar from freaking out the neighbors each time they bring their dog out to pee and poo right under our noses (but that's another story).
This was David's project this past weekend. We will enjoy it. The biggest plus is the lattice will keep the sun out of our eyes this summer, and provide us some privacy from the neighbor's security lighting at night.

And then, when you have this ....
A motley crew of dogs.

You need this ...

With a canopy so you can haul all of them in their crates when heading over to Edgar's place.

And ...
A fence around .75 acres to keep your doggies in the yard.
And out of the neighbor's yards.

And out of the garden at Edgar's Place.

There is a definite pattern here. In other words, David and Sue have gone to the dogs. Think I need a glass of wine.

Tomorrow a treat ... we have a guest blogger.



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