Monday, March 10, 2008

What a Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. The weather was nice enough to get outside and do chores around the yard, and to start planting the Garden. Saturday Cynthia and I got our toes done and discovered another yarn shop in Wallingford. Got the baby blanket done in the orange Bella DK, and David made me shelves so I can have my salad garden on the deck this year.
Isn't this cool. I planted lettuce and radishes, and on the second shelf is another planter that has spinach. In one of the beds below I planted the peas. I had to get the peas planted early this month so I can sow them early, before the heat moves in.
The doggies were outside all weekend long, playing and running. It wore them out which made for quiet evenings. When they came in at night, they were ready for naps.

The only one missing here is Edgar, and he was on the couch snoring his head off.

As I mentioned, I got the baby blanket done. After I had my little talk with the yarn, all went well. I love the way it washed up and I know Grandma will love it. I was going to have lunch with her today and give her the blanket, but she was with her daughter, hoping for the baby to be born. Not yet, but maybe tomorrow.

Last evening around 5:30 it was 60 degrees which is really nice for this time of year. David and I were sitting on the deck admiring our work in the yard, when our neighbor's air conditioning came on. I can't figure those two out. I don't think they have heard of global warming or conservation. When the temp gets around 65-70 degrees (or 60 degrees yesterday), the air conditioner kicks on. When the rains stop, out come the hoses and the sprinklers and the lawn is watered, watered, and watered some more. Each night the sprinklers run for at least two hours. I guess being professionals (one's a lawyer, and the other is a doctor) they can blow their cash on utility bills, regardless of the waste of nonrenewable resources. Oh well, enough about that.

Well, it seems late to me even though it is only 8:40 (really 7:40), but 5:15 a.m. (really 4:15 a.m) came too soon this morning. Off to get some sleep.



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