Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Overwhelmed!

I went to the monthly Eastside Knitting Guild meeting this evening. Claudia Davidson, from A New Yarn, was our guest speaker. We were all invited to bring in yarn to donate for the shop. Knitters are kind and generous folk.

We had to load all of the yarn into a shopping cart for Claudia.

It was time for a group photo, a photo shot of very generous souls.

Then I was told there were stockings and items to stuff into the stockings for me to take home tonight. It filled up the trunk of my car.

The love on my dining room table is overwhelming. I was speechless when I saw all of this. I'll sort through it all tomorrow and will post pictures so you all can see what we have. Amazing.

David went down to the Family Services Center at Fort Lewis, and it looks like there about 3000 soldiers that need to receive our stockings this year. We've done a brigade before, so I think we can reach this goal. Well?????

On his way to Fort Lewis today, David saw our house on the freeway. He was heading south on I-5, and heading north on I-5 was three pieces of a new house. What are the odds of that happening. The house left Stayton, Oregon at 2:30 a.m., and arrived at Edgar's Acres around 3:00 p.m. Leslie sent pictures.

Pretty cool, huh?

Today has been a nice day. Now to go to bed and think about the love and generosity of knitters, and on having good neighbors.



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