Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're Making Progress

Stockings and stocking stuffers are staring to come in.

Our dentist, Jeff Johnson made a donation again this year and sent over toothbrushes, toothpast, and dental floss. Need to make sure our troops take good care of those teeth.

Cynthia, the owner of Lake Union Hair Salon, donated shampoos, body lotions and body soap. These will be a real treat for the soldiers.

Bonnie in Sequim sent in some stockings she got at the after Christmas sales last year.

Ginny in Wisconsin sent in these, which we will be able to use for the family party at Fort Lewis for the families of the troops of the Striker Brigade in Iraq.

We got some more for the family party from Maryanne in Wisconsin. Thank you ladies. Did you ladies leave any stockings left at Walmart? These are great.

We've got knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses working on stockings, and some youth groups are busy decorating stockings.

All of you are so wonderful, and you will be blessed for caring about these soldiers.

A few months ago I referred to a "big" project that David and I were doing. Well, here is a progress report.

When we bought Edgar's Acres five years ago, we bought it knowing that this little house would have to be replaced. It was a old manufactured home, very small, with NO INSULATION. It's been a wonderful little house that has provided us with lots of warm memories of gatherings with family and friends. This has been the little house where we ladies have had our knitting retreats.

Last winter it was evident that this little house was bearly surviving the harsh weather, and we had to finalize our plans for a new house. Last month David and I moved everything out and said good bye to the little house. We thanked it for sheltering us from the elements, and for providing us with loving care.

It has been removed and has moved on to provide another family with shelter for a while. In the meantime, we are in the middle of moving the new home in.

First the porch and sun room had to be removed and all of the debris hauled away. The "pit" had to be excavated to make room for the slab foundation.

The form had to be built and readied for the concrete to be poured.

The slab has been done for five days now and is set and ready for the house.

The house is coming in tomorrow, but we won't get to see it until this coming weekend when we go over to check out the garden.

Meanwhile, I'm still knitting hats and socks. I've knit five more hats and three more stockings for OHS 2008. I also got Ann's fingerless gloves done and she loves them.
No more cold hands for Anne.

This week I'm finishing up the sweater for Eva Rose. I got expert advice from four expert knitters and now know how to fix the sleeves so they will be long enough for the sweater. I'll make a full report later.



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