Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travel Knitting

I made the comment a couple of weeks ago to someone that I hadn't spent an entire weekend at home since the middle of July. After David and I got back from our vacation back East, we started on the Big Project. We have been going back and forth between our house "in the city" to Edgar's Acres. We are replacing the house at Edgar's Acres and have had a lot of prep work to get done on weekends.

The trip each way is about 2-3 hours, depending on how long we have to wait for the ferry. So what does one do when one is the passenger on these forays? Well, if one is a knitter, one knits. Because this one is also a navigator, backseat driver, conversationalist, and listener, this one has to have knitting that is easy to do and easy to get interrupted and started up again. This is travel knitting.

I've been knitting stockings for OHS 2008, hats for Madrona, hats for Friends of Francois, and now fingerless mittens for me, and other cold-handed people I know.

I’ve knit 13 stockings so far for OHS 2008. Eight of these stockings are from Red Heart® Fiesta® Yarn,
which has 316 yards per skein (green stockings). I got this yarn at A New Yarn for $2.50. This works out to about 40 yards to stocking. Not a bad investment at all. The other stockings are made from left over yarn from other projects.

I’ve have finished 8 hats, 3 for Friends of Francois, and 5 for Madrona. I’ve been digging through the stash for the left over skeins from other projects, and using some yarn donated by Coats & Clark to Madrona.

The blue hats done in the 2x2 rib is a pattern Susan came up with and I love it. The 2x2 rib makes a great hat and you can just knit, knit, and knit.

The fingerless mittens are from the latest issue of Creative Knitting Magazine and is done with a 2x2 rib variation, with the knit stitches being done in a mock cable. I made a pair for me to see how the pattern works, and was extremely proud of myself. I am now knitting up a pair for Anne, our barista at Ellen's Coffee, because her hands get really, really cold this time of year.

Well, Johny, our baby bichon, is telling me he wants attention, and Louie is in my lap with his head on my wrist, so I guess I'll sign off.



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