Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is what our dining room table looked like after I got home from the Eastside Knitting Guild meeting on Monday. Bags and bags of stockings and goodies for stuffing the stockings.

The first thing we had to do was stretch out the table to hold the stockings that are going to be coming in.

Then I started going through the bags and finding these lovely stockings ...

made with love and prayer for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each stocking has it's own personality, a little story of support.

These stockings come with good cheer and a holiday wish from those of us here at home.

I could feel the love as I was opening up each bag, love for a soldier away from their family over the holidays.

I love knitters. I love the fact that they are so giving. Crocheters and seamstresses are the same way. They love to give of their time and talents.

We've got a good start. Right now we have 163 stockings waiting to be filled up with goodies and sent on their way to a war zone.

We've got a way to go. We need more to fill up this table.

In the others sacks were candy canes, gum, shampoo and lotion samples from hotels, hotel soaps, games, puzzles, drinks, candy, and other personal care items. We also got a lot of dental care items. Our soldiers are going to have very clean teeth!

I know this looks disorganized, but it's not. Each box contains a type of item, and they are stacked on the hearth to keep them out of the way of Edgar and his buddies.

In my next posting I will share the yarn story for OHS 2008.
We may have a sinking economy, but we have a real abundance of love going around right now.



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