Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Much to Be Thankful For

Yesterday was a day full of blessings and thanks. It was a time of family and dear friends, good food and warm gatherings. In all, yesterday was a day to reflect on everything we are thankful for. Our family, our friends, health, good jobs, plenty of food, warm shelter, and our faith. And ...

A dining room table covered with stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings 2008. It has taken the past couple of days to sort through the stockings and items for the stockings but here they are ...
There are about 1200 on this table.
They are piled up high.
Becki and her friends and famiy decorate these stockings. I hope you can see the messages on the stockings which say "come home soon," "we miss you," "we love you," and "thank you."
Glenna, Mary Ann and May, all of Small Paws Rescue, knit these stockings for OHS.
Nadine continued sewing stockings for OHS. She wanted to make sure we had enough for our troops.
Emily was again busy crocheting stockings and sent these home with me.
Emily is another co-worker, and big supporter.
Emily's mom, Arlayne sewed these beautiful stockings for OHS. These are classics. Rumor has it Arlayne is a professional seamstress.
Sue knit more stockings and then brought out the sewing machine. We are sending a box of stockings to her son this year.
Angela and Soraya gathered up a group of family and friends and they decorated this beautiful bunch, again with dear messages for the troops.
Melinda sent another 50 sewn stockings. I had to leave them in the nice bundle she puts them in for mailing. Love it.
Girl Scout Troop 8411 in Seattle decorated these for our project and they are so dear.
Elaine continues to crochet. We are fondly calling her the "mad crocheter."
Nancy, from another law firm in our building, knit these up for us. Look at the "ho ho ho." Cute.
Then there is this pile of knit stockings from the Eastside Knitting Guild. I wasn't able to go on Monday so Toni took this picture with her cell phone and sent it to me. Susan went to the meeting and said that the knitters were knitting stockings and when they were done tossing them on this pile. There are 264 stockings in this pile, and in total the ESKG knit up 384 stockings. WOW!!!

Tomorrow is the stocking stuffing party, with Cynthia again providing her famous spaghetti dinner.

Today we are heading over to Edgar's Acres so Frank and John can see the new house, and so I can visit A Dropped Stitch for some yarn for Christmas gifts.



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