Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun Friday!

David and I drove down to Portland yesterday, and last night we joined up with John, Frank and Rachel to go to a Portland Timbers game. We had a blast. The Timbers play in the PGE Park, which used to be called Multnomah Stadium when I was growing up in Portland, and used to go see the Portland Beavers play in the Pacific Coast League (a long, long time ago).
Unfortunately the Timbers lost but the crowd support is an outright winner. The Timbers Army was in full force. We had fun. It was loud, warm, and a beautiful summer night. In other words, near perfect.

After the game we headed over to Lomboc for a pint and some food. Portland has so many micro breweries, which if you know Portland, makes perfect sense.

Last night I gave Rachel a blankie I knit for her to take to her new niece. It was so fun to knit for a baby girl. Rachel was pleased, and said she thought little Junebug would be too.
The yarn is Universal's Classic Worsted long print in "Baby." When I started knitting on it I decided it was more appropriate for a baby girl. There is a lot of pink. Then Rachel's sister had a baby girl. How lovely, I got to knit for a baby girl.

Well, I've started on another baby blankie, and will have two more to do after that. They are so fun to do, because all babies need blankies.

Well, off to see if I can make myself look 18 again (scarey thought).



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