Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday in Portland

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. We only had one obligation and that was in the evening. I needed to pick up a specific color of yarn for a project I am working on so got on the internet and searched for a yarn store in Portland that carried Encore yarn. Hence, we headed off to Oregon Worsted Company's Mill End Store. They have tons of fabrics, but a limited yarn department. However, they had the yarn I needed and that made me happy. I had not been to the Mill End store in 30 years so it was nice to visit again. Gail, the lovely lady that talked with me on the phone and held the yarn for me was a doll. Emily, the cashier was wishing she was anywhere but there.

After that I asked David what he wanted to do and he was open. I took advantage of the opportunity and announced we were going to go on a yarn store crawl. David is a good sport. We had already been to one (the Mill End Store), so I got the addresses to a couple of stores I had heard about and wanted to visit.

We went to Twisted on NE Broadway. What nice ladies, and what a fun store.
We enjoyed visiting with the sales staff. David, of course, found something besides yarn to talk about while I looked around at the store.
Friendly as true Portlanders can be. Love them. Also love the wall of sock yarn, and all of the legs.

Next we went to Yarn Garden on SE Hawthorne. Another store I had heard about.
Friendly staff again. I love Portland. I hate to say it, but there is only one yarn store in the Seattle area, Weaving Works, where I feel welcome and enjoy the staff. So far both of these stores are fun and have great staff. Friendly and very helpful. And ... humor, they all have humor, and love what they are doing.

They Yarn Garden is in a building with what appears to have been five stores, with five separate doors. They occupy all of the rooms, and its a blast to keep going from room to room to see what they have. Even David was interested (he had no clue I took this picture).

It wasn't long before David found the room with the comfy chairs.

I bought fun sock yarn at each store, and am anxious to finish up the pair I'm knitting now so I can get started on them.

After a nice lunch at Broadway Grill, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed before heading off to the reunion. We met up with Debbie and Bob and then headed into the Mt. Adams room. So many old friends actually showed up this time and we had a good time.
Bonnie, Debbie, Gordon and I grew up together. In fact, I've known Debbie since I was three. It was so good to see them. Considering our age, we actually still look the same.

Then there was the treat that all of my girlfriends from high school (and college) came. It's been a long time since we had a snapshot of all of us together. Here is Debbie, Debbie, Becky, Me, Lily and Nancy. What a beautiful group of women.

Debbie, thanks for "making" me go to the reunion. I had a wonderful time, and left feeling good about the friendships that seem to continue through the year.
Well, I'm off to go work on a knitting project.



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