Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sock Frenzy

I've been going through a sock Frenzy for the last six months. It has nothing to do with the Sock Summit. It all started out with needing more socks, and having fun yarn. However, the true push was this little guy.
Johnny. I had a sock that needed a new heel. It looked a lot like this...
Johnny found it and now it looks like this ...

It's Johnny's new favorite toy. He drags that sock around with him everywhere. It's like he knew it was an old used sock so he might as well enjoy it. I should add that it IS the only sock he has ever bothered.

That got me looking at my sock collection and the condition the socks were in. Once inspected, I realized I needed to knit some more socks for the colder weather. Thus, the frenzy started.

So far I've finished four pairs, one sock of a pair, and working on two socks.

Pretty aren't they?

This pair is made with Universal's Bamboo Sock. I loved knitting with this yarn. It has a nice hand, and feels good on the feet. It didn't split or twist, and it was fun to watch the stripes appear. As you can see from the picture, there is a definite nap to the yarn. One sock was knit starting with the outside end, and one was knit starting with the inside end. I have gone ahead and purchase more Bamboo Sock because I do like the yarn.
These are fun. I knit these with the Regia yarn from Schachenmayr. This is a nice sock yarn, feels good in the hand, and fun stripes work up quickly.

I will keep you all posted on my current sock frenzy. I have so many lovely yarns I want to knit, but I still am having fun knitting for all of the upcoming babies.
The sun is out, and I have garlic to plant this weekend. Lovely fall day at Edgar's Acres.



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