Friday, September 11, 2009

In Remembrance

Today is the 8th anniversary of 9/11. I can still vividly recall how I felt when I heard the first news of the airliner hitting the twin towers. Let's not forget. Let's say a prayer for the victims of the attacks eight years ago.

This is also the fifth year we will be doing Operation Holiday Stockings. It is a small way to remember our soldiers and to thank them. Let's not forget them.

This weekend I will be with my sons and family, and old friends. I thank God for all of them each day, and pray for their health and happiness. I pray for Frank, whose unit has been put on alert, and cherish each time I get to put my arms around him. I pray for all of the soldiers, and the loved ones waiting for their safe return home. Let's not forget the families at home making their own sacrifices while their soldier is on deployment.

Let's also remember the many blessings we have in the freedoms we have to live as we choose in the United States.

The weather is going to be warm this weekend. I'll be getting a lot of good knitting time in while we travel to the City of Roses, fortunately in an air conditioned vehicle. Baby knitting, what fun, and how encouraging.

Take care my dear friends, and thank God we have the right to send out emails, add comments to Facebook, and have our blogs. Love to you all, and thanks again for supporting our soldiers through Operation Holiday Stockings.



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