Saturday, November 20, 2010

Go Beavs!

I commute to work every day and so I have some lovely knitting time each way, about 20 minutes to be exact.  I realize that in the world of commuters that is a very short commute, but it is enough time to work on small projects.  I generally have a sock in my bag to work on, or a hat. 

Hats are nice commuting projects, especially when the weather starts to get colder.  You can knit as many as you want and there will always be someone who will want it.  You can knit any color, size, or style, and there will be someone to wear it.  I like to knit with a washable yarn, especially for children.  Hats do need to be washed on occasion.  I also like to have wool in the yarn, be it 100% wool, or a nice blend with at least 25% wool content.  Wool is what makes hats toasty warm, absorbs moisture, and when a hat does get wet, still stays warm. 

One of the gals at work is collecting warm clothing for her church to be distributed to the homeless and displaced.  These are individuals and families who have recently found themselves homeless because of the economy.  If they fortunate enough to have a place to live, their income is primarily for rent and food, not clothing.  If you add children into that equation, which is appropriate 90% of the time right now, clothing is a luxury necessity.  I decided the hats I'm knitting need to go to Lindsey's church to help keep people warm.  I know I love my hat, especially when it gets cold and the wind is blowing, so hats it will be.

This hat was knit out of Universal Yarn's Classic Worsted Tapestry.  I think this particular color has been discountinued, which makes sense since I purchased it several years ago at A Dropped Stitch in Sequim.  This is a nice yarn at a reasonable  It knits up well, and after it has been given it's first washing, is very soft. 

I was curious what this yarn would look like if I used the Helix technique with some other colors. 

Here is the simple rolled brim hat with a soft rose color used.  Looks like a hat for a young lady.

Here's the same hat with turquoise. 

Here are the three together.  This was fun using the different colors for the second color.  It's also a great way to use of orphaned skeins of yarn in your stash. 

I did another hat using the Helix technique and it wasn't easy for me.  You see, the hat is in U of O colors (the Ducks).  I knit it for a baby present for one of the attorneys at work.  I graduated from OSU (the Beavers), which is the arch rival of U of O.  Each year the week before the Civil War game when OSU and U of O get together for their football game, several people at work make a big deal of it to see how Jason and I are going to react.  We are very professional about it. 

Getting back to the hat ... as I said, the hat wasn't easy to knit because the colors were gaging me.  The hat came out really cute, and I am proud of it.  However, I had to do something to counter the hat ...

The hat was presented to Jason in Beaver colors.  He thought it was very funny, and he and his wife loved the hat.  All's fair in love and war they say.

Well, I've finished up my big project, so I'm off to dig through the UFO's and my stash to see what I can knit now.  Stay warm, and wear a hat.



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