Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Been Busy

 I've been busy.  Busy knitting.  I've been knitting baby gifts so haven't been able to post them before now.  I am now finally caught up with my new baby knitting.  All total, there were ten babies born last year (and in January of this year), for whom I've been knitting.  A lot of the items have already been posted, but these are two that I finally finished and mailed out. 

For baby TJ in Pennsylvania, I knit this hat and socks.  These were knit out of Encore DK weight yarn.  The socks are from Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Socks, in the smallest size given.  I am concerned that the hat may be too small and the socks too large, but maybe not.  I had fun knitting these little socks and love the way the colors worked out together.  There is a pattern here with the colors.  Can you figure it out?
 For Vivi Anne in Oregon I knit this darling sweater.  Vivi Anne is the first baby girl I've gotten to knit for in a while.  The pattern is Toddler Knit Down Bolero from Knittng Pure and Simple.  This was an amazingly easy pattern to knit, and a lot of fun.  The yarn is again Encore, but in worsted weight.  I understand baby Vivi Anne loves her sweater.  

I've been knitting hats for Children's Hospital in Bellevue, and so far have done eight.  One of the ladies at the Eastside Knitting Guild is collecting them and delivering them to the hospital. 

Finally, I'm in the midst of Operation Holiday Stockings.  Things really start picking up around the middle of September and get busier the closer we are to December.  We've received some more stockings.

Nancy in Oregon has been sewing again and sent in these lovely stockings.  Nancy has been making these for us since the first year. 
Nancy also sent these fun stockings for the family party for the National Guard Unit in Oregon.  This unit was deployed in September so the families, especially the kids, will be needing some holiday love from us as well.

Susan has been quietly knitting stockings, experimenting on knitting the OHS stocking in the round.  The stocking on the right is the original pattern knit in the round.  The one on the left is the Canadian version of the stocking knit in the round.  Susan's verdict ... the original pattern still is the quickest knit.

Today I went to the dentist, which isn't interesting in it's self.  No cavities, clean teeth, and the usual good time.  What made this trip of interest is the annual donation of toothbrushes.  Dr. Jeff Johnson has been donating dental supplies from the very beginning.  (He's also been taking care of our family's teeth for 23 years, love him.)

The colors this year are fun.  We need to make sure our soldiers take care of those pearly whites while away from home.

Well, it's election night, and the ballots have to be in by 8:00 tonight.  I figure it will be safe to plug in the phone and turn on the television at 8:15 p.m. to hear the results, and NOT hear ANOTHER campaign ad.  Time to serve dinner, pour a glass of merlot, and turn on the telly. 



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