Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On a Wing and a Prayer

In the middle of November for the past six years I go into a panic, a stocking panic.  The first year hit on November 19th when my dear LT asked for 233 small knit stockings by the first of December.  Considering I had never knit a sock in my life, I first prayed, got an answer from God that you don't say no to your son in Iraq, and then PANICKED.  I panick because the number of stockings we need gets overwhelming, and I can't say no to our troops. 

In the last few days I have received emails directly from soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq asking if we could send them a little something.  Morale is down, and these officers are asking on behalf of their troops if we can send them anything to help with the morale.  Of course I said yes.  Right now we need about 1700 stockings, and yesterday I entered into my panicked mode.  I have received emails from loved ones asking if we can remember their soldier's units, and of course I said yes.  Enter more panic.  Dear David is used to this panic hitting in the middle of the month, and smiles sweetly reminding me that everything will be fine. 

Yesterday I mentioned how we were doing to another volunteer and she really went into a tailspin, and my comment was "on a wing and a prayer we will do this."  This morning I recalled what I said and reminded myself I need to listen to my own words.  On the angel's wing and with a heartfelt prayer we will send stockings to all of the soldiers.

Last night I shared my concern with the wonderful group of knitters on Ravelry who are part of the group I started called Operation Holiday Stockings.  Today I heard back that they are sending stockings, knitting more, and one is pulling out her sewing machine.  I heard from my cousin Sam and she's sending 50 stockings she and her granddaughter have made.  I heard from Kathy and all of her relatives that drive sewing machines for OHS, and I have received stockings in the mail.  My dear readers, don't ever doubt the power of prayer, and remember that we all have angels' wings just waiting to lift us up from PANIC. 

To all of you who are participating in OHS this year.  THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF OUR TROOPS.  One little stocking is going to mean a lot to our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will be a symbol of love, support and prayer for each one of them.  I personally extend my thanks in helping me keep a promise I made to my own LT.

Now to show you all what we have received in the last couple of days. 

These darling stockings are from Becky in Kentucky, and one was full of lip balm, which will be very much appreciated by the troops. 

Enaud in Yelm, Washington knit all of these stockings in support of a project her son has started at his church in Oregon, called "Stocking for the Troops." 

Sgt. Pam in Texas knit these darling stockings.  I love it, the military supporting the military.

And then there is Kathy in Eastern Washington, and her friends and family sewing stockings at their "stocking bee."  Kathy wrote me and told me she mailed the stockings and laughingly said she hoped I liked her packaging. 

Alright there is nothing unusual about this Priority Mail box, most of the stockings have been coming in them.  I'm not sure what I expected, because we have received stockings in all kinds of packaging, but then I thought okay Kathy, you've been inhaling too much sewing machine oil.  That is until I opened the box ...

I cracked up when I saw the stockings in vaccumed packed freezer bags that only a home gardener and home food processor would use.  I love it.  Okay, can anyone take a guess as to how many stockings Kathy has "preserved" here? 
There are 95 of them. Kathy, you made my day.  I had an image of these stockings being in the freezer with all of those beans you froze this summer. 

Meanwhile, Edgar is bored, the cat is bored, and they both would love a little excitement around here.  Edgar has decided he's going to hybernate since we won't let him tear up the hill to harass our neighbor, and destroyed his repaired knee.  If fact, it's so quiet around here, Edgar and Abby are getting along with each other.

Well sort of. 



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