Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update on Edgar's Acres

David and I headed over to Edgar's Acres yesterday to check out the new house. This is exciting. A house that will be nice and warm this winter. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are on our way. There is a huge dirt berm surrounding the house until it is pushed back in place.This is the back of the house. Edgar approves.

This is the best shot of the front I could get. The pile of dirt is HUGE!

We even have our own porta potty during the construction project.

This is another shot of the front.
This is the shot in the back showing one of the bedrooms, door to the laundry room, and the family room.

This is the family room.

The other side of the family room and our master bedroom.

While we were there we picked the remainder of the kidney beans and dug up the rest of the russett potatoes. There were even some more green tomatoes to be picked. The beans have been shelled and are drying. The potatoes and beans will get cleaned. The tomatoes will go into the brown paper sacks to ripen, and the potatoes will go on the pool table to cure.

Well, I've got socks to knit.



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  1. Sue, Great pictures and the lines are great. It should be ready to occupy within a couple of weeks. All of your stories are great. David