Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brazilian Bears

One of the paralegals I work with is due to deliver her baby boy any day (or should I say any minute) now. She has been so thrilled to be pregnant and named her baby Daniel months ago. Since then we have all spoken of Daniel and feel we know him quite well. Priscilla said that this is common in Brazil. We had a shower for her last week and I wanted to knit a blanket special for Daniel. Since Priscilla and Flavio are from Brazil I decided to go with the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Priscilla also loves Teddy Bears and is using that as a theme for Daniel's nursery. I decided to use the colors and placement of the colors for a blanket that had Teddy Bears in it.
Hence, the Brazilian Bear Blankie. I had so much fun knitting this. I started with the center piece and it has one bear (I hope you can see him). I got the graph for this bear at Knitting Pattern Central. I then picked up stitches in the log cabin fashion, knit the yellow portion, which has more bears. I then continued in the log cabin technique and knit the green border to help even out the bears so they would lay flat and be clearer.

I am so pleased with myself. The blankie came out just as I had hoped.

Folding it was nice too. As you can see the first thing Priscilla saw was the blue bear in the center. Did she like it? Well, you be the judge.

She was thrilled. I love knitting baby blankets. Every baby needs a blankie. I used Encore from Plymouth Yarn Co. on size 9 needles so it wouldn't be too dense and heavy.

I've got two more baby blankets to knit, a baby boy due in January and a baby girl due in February. What fun.



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