Saturday, November 28, 2009


What a wonderful day we had on Thanksgiving. We had friends, family and food in abundance. Throughout the whole day I was reminded of what a blessed woman I am to be surrounded by so much love, warmth and security. The day started out with turkey no. 1 getting prepped and stuffed by the turkey master, Frank. We put it in the NEW turkey roaster at 9:00 a.m. That's the NEW turkey roaster on the table being guarded by Edgar.
I preheated according to the owner's manual, put the bird in just as I was instructed and it sizzled as we put it in. All going according to plan.
During all of the prep chaos Thursday morning Johnny needed a lap so Rachel kindly volunteered for the job. As you can see, Johnny was thrilled she took up the assignment. Johnny is in love!

I prepped two turkeys and one ham, and honestly couldn't have done it without Frank's help. It's been a long time since we've done turkey together.

John's task was to make all the football arrangments for all of the guys, a task he gladly took on. Even though he looks like he is ready for a world cup soccer game, it was football as we North Americans know it. He was also in charge of the beverages for everyone.
It looks like it was a successful game for all. Me, I stayed home where it was warm and dry. At about 1:30 I walked over to check on the stuffed bird in the NEW turkey roaster. What, the darned thing wasn't working. Okay, so now I was going to be feeding 15 people at around 5:00 and the turkey in the NEW turkey roaster wasn't working. Fortunately the turkey master was there. John ran downstairs for my old turkey roaster (you know, the kind you use in the oven), and Frank and David, with the help of one of the Susans (we had three here) moved the stuffed bird into the old roaster, and into the OVEN it went. In a matter of 2.5 hours, the bird was done. In the meantime the grill master, David was outside grilling turkey no. 2, and a ham.

Since Luke is still teaching in American Somoa we took the annual Thanksgiving picture to send to him. Thanks to Rachel for making us all look good, including the dude on the television.

Now that all of the kids have grown up, we had to have the annual whiskey toast for the holidays. Love traditons.

As you can see this is serious business so we can make the Turkey Toast.

The O'Dea Class of 99 did an excellent job of carving turkeys and the ham. This is serious business and they did a class act.

At this point it was all about feeding everyone and making sure they all left full. What a wonderful day. This weekend continues to be busy, and fun. Next posting, COOKIES!!!!!



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