Monday, November 23, 2009

The Stockings Keep Coming In

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been receiving stockings, candy, and personal care items for our troops for this year's Operation Holiday Stockings. Folks, all of these stockings and items are coming from a very dedicated core group of supporters. We certainly couldn't do this without them. The knitters from the Eastside Knitting Guild came up with another 182 stockings (for a total of 413). These knitters are amazing, as well as very, very supportive. Thank you all of you.

These are 100 knit stockings from Heather in Molalla, Oregon. The first year we sent stockings Heather was pregnant and knit 100 stockings. Well, you guessed it, Heather is expecting again and knit up these stockings for our troops. Heather, thanks for joining us each year! Thanks too for clicking away on those needles.

We had a stuffing party again at work, thanks to Sandra. She is the best. She organized the whole thing. Sandra, you rock, and thanks again for handling this for us.
Karen and her friends and neighbors got together and decorated these stockings. This is the second year these wonderful people have been helping us. The photograph just doesn't do the stockings justice. They are beautiful.
We had other stockings come in and candy donated for the stocking stuffing. What fun.

Emily again was crocheting and sewing and brought these. The stockings in the middle have the cutest, little snowmen on them. Thanks to Emily for joining us again.
Cathi pulled out her sewing machine and made these stockings. Too bad the photographer (yours truly) didn't get a better picture. The green elf stockings are too cute. Thanks to Cathi for joining in with us again this year.
Glennda of San Antonio sent these beautiful stockings, which we will send to Ft. Lewis for the family party. Thanks so much Glennda. It's wonderful to have you helping us out again this year.

Kathy in Walla Walla got together with her family and friends and they made a beautiful batch of flannel stockings. Thanks to all of you Kathy for helping OHS again this year. (Kathy sent a picture of the ladies sewing these stockings and it looks like they are having a great time.)
Linda of Springfield once again knit stockings for us. Thanks Linda, these are beautiful!

Lou in Sequim (of A Dropped Stitch) heard we were doing stockings and went shopping. More fun stockings for the family party. Thanks Lou.
Again Susan in Colorado got together with her family and they made these stockings. Last year we sent a box to Susan's son and he still talks about the joy of receiving our stockings. That's why we do this.

The Ladies of the Elks of Sequim, Washington collected a big bunch of personal care items for putting into the stockings. Thanks so much dear friends.

We'll be stuffing stockings this Saturday, and then shipping then out for delivery to our troops in Afghanistan. We are planning on sending out 1000, but we would have enough if any of you know of a soldier that would like to receive stockings.

To all of you moms out there whose soldier won't be home for the holidays, my prayers are yours. I'm a lucky mom this year. My soldier will be home.



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