Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Stockings Keep Coming ...

While I've been dealing with work and root canals, the OHS stockings have been coming in by the dozens. Last night while the weather was getting really, really windy and raining, I had the pleasure of opening up boxes and bags of stockings sent for OHS. It is really fun. I do really look at each stocking with gratitude. The stockings that have been knit, sewn, or decorated are so dear. I look at these stockings and am reminded of love and support for our troops.

MaryAnn in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin sent a bunch of stockings for the Family Party at Ft. Lewis, for which we are very grateful. We also provide them with any left over candy to help fill up these stockings. The Family Services Office is so thrilled and grateful for our support and contributions. The children get a kick knowing that they get stockings from the same group that has sent stockings over to their soldiers. Take my word for it, it's not easy being home when your soldier is deployed in a hostile zone.
Nancy in Corvallis, Oregon made her beautiful stockings again (the picture doesn't do them justice), and provided more stockings for the Family Party. Thanks Nancy!

Ginny in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin blew us away with her generous gift of stockings for the Family Party. Thanks Ginny. The kids are going to love the Disney stockings.
Katlyn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania again made up a huge bunch of felt stockings for the troops. Katlyn has been making stockings for OHS for five years now, since she was 9. Katlyn, thanks for being such loyal supporter.
Jan in Barre, Vermont, and her friends got together and knit up a beautiful batch of stockings for OHS. Jan, thanks to you and Cheryl, Irene, Beverly and Mary Lynn.
Diana in Lyle, Washington again got to knitting. Diana was the very first person five years ago to answer my plea for stockings when we first started OHS. Diana, thanks again for all of your support, and for these beautiful stockings.
And then there is the Eastside Knitting Guild. Ladies and gentlemen, what can I say except thanks. Your support is so appreciated. I feel privileged to be associated with such a fine group of knitters.
We are still collecting the names of soldiers who will be deployed over the holidays. If you know of one, please contact me at ramsddj at aol dot com. In the last several weeks we have received such devastating news of casualties in Afghanistan and here in the US. We need to let the troops know we support them, and share a little bit of holiday cheer with them. To all of you who have supported OHS these five years, thanks. To all of you who are joining in with us this year, thanks.



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