Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cookies and Stockings

The holiday weekend progressed to Cookies and Stockings.

On Friday we got together with the Johnstons for the annual Christmas Cookie Decorating. I know it was Thanksgiving but all of the kids were in town and wanted to get together for this gathering. In an effort to consolidate efforts, Rachel was kind enough to roll out dough and cut the cookies so we could get them baked before everyone arrived.

The thing about this group, no hesitation to get started. As soon as we said hello, it was down to business.
For some of us, it really is "down to business." Several years ago Jim asked for tweezers in the middle of the decorating. We all were wondering why, but I got out my tweezers, washed them up and Jim started a new technique for decorating cookies. He now has his own special pair of tweezers (more like laboratory forceps). Jim does create true works of art.
Meanwhile, Andrew was in the heart of the activity by decorating and then eating the cookie. Good job Andrew.
Rachel decided the tweezer techique was the way to go so we found her a pair to use as well. She and Jim were very content to quietly create their works of art. Then there are these two. Sarah and Lindsey look more alike each year, especially their smiles.

I baked lasagne and Pat made up a Greek salad and a good time was had by all. John and Phil were too busy catching up but they did each do one cookie, which they promptly ate. Of course, I overlooked the ultimate Kodak moment and did NOT get a picture of all of these kids. Shame on me.
On Saturday we started the stocking stuffing for Operation Holiday Stockings 2009. There are about 1300 stockings on this table (and I have still received some more). I had a crew of 13 to stuff the stockings so I just walked around and took pictures.
This is Frank, the guy who started it all with his request for "233 small knit stockings" five years ago. This is one of the reasons why we do what we do. There are so many soldiers who aren't home this year for the holidays, so we send a touch of home to them.
Rachel's at the end of the assembly line packing up what she's stuffed.

What a great stuffing crew. The stocking stuffers this year were Elaine, Margaret, Rachel, Katie, Emery, Brendan, Zoe, Joan, Matt, Susan, Sue, Mike, Kari, David and Frank.
Thanks to all of you for your help, and continued support.

Well, I'm off to eat dinner and hopefully get some knitting done this evening.



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