Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poor Edgar

Our Big Brown Dog Edgar had to have surgery yesterday.  Our mellow boy, who loves to race like a greyhound (which he is partially), and who loves to check everything out had to have knee surgery.  For the next four months he will have to just chill.  It's a good thing it's winter because he prefers the couch in the winter.  By the time the early warming sun of late February comes around he will be able to do his favorite thing...sunbathe.

To quote the vet, Edgar had a "complete decompensation to the left crainial cruciate ligament and a significant tear to the medial meniscus."  Roughly translated, a torn knee ligament and torn cushion in the knee. 

Right now he's feeling no pain because he is stoned on sedatives to keep him quiet.  He's standing up swaying back and forth with glassy eyes.  Edgar is generally a very graceful and well coordinated animal.  Not so much right now.  In this picture he is wearing a pain patch. 

Edgar has 18 metal stapels in his knee, and will have to be on a lease for at least two months.  If things go well, he will start his physical therapy at that time.  We've had a talk with Abby, and with Louie and Johnny, no chasing, wrestling or wild doggie parties for a while. 

I am sure all of you are wondering what this has to do with knitting.  Well, nothing really, except Edgar likes knitting.  He's a good knitting dog. 



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