Thursday, May 3, 2007

Edgar Poses and the Serape is getting there

I got home a little early today so all of the dogs (all five of them) could get outside and enjoy the pretty day. Bella (a Jack Russell) and Disney (a Couton) are visiting with us while their mom is suffering in Hawaii. It was such a nice afternoon, the sun was shining and a little breeze. I went down to the lower part of the yard to look at a start of a tree to see if I could determine what was growing in the wrong place. I was taking a picture of it when I turned around and got this shot of Edgar. He is such a beautiful dog.

I am so close to having Muneca's serape done. As I mentioned earlier, I pulled out the old serape my brother gave me and checked out how the colors were aligned. I then pulled out my yarn stash to see what colors I had and what I could pull together.

My knitting rooms is a mess right now. I still haven't put the yarn away.

I tried to match colors from the stash with the colors in the serape. I was surprised how much brighter the colors are in the yarn I'm using, but then the serape is about 40 years old and has been washed many, many times.

I like the way the serape is coming out. I have just two more colors to knit on and then will do the final edging in black/green/red.

We are heading over to Sequim this weekend and I would love to be able to take it over to Muneca so she has it to snuggle with. She is such a tiny puppy so she needs a nice and warm, and washable blankie to snuggle in.

I am just using a garter stitch for the serape and knitting in the ends each time I change colors.

We will be finishing up the garden cleanup this weekend, and will be planting the starts for broccoli, squash, and cabbage. I'll also be sowing the seeds for brussel sprouts.

Well, it's time to take all of these doggies outside before bed time. I remember it used to be "it's time to read to the babies before bed time." Life does go on.

Baby Boomer Sue

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