Friday, May 18, 2007

Teaching Appreciation for Knitting

My supervisor at work is named Susan. She is great. When I first started working with her she would give me this "look" whenever I mentioned knitting. When another Susan and I went to the Madrona Fiber Arts Knitting Retreat a couple of years ago, Supervisor Susan went into hysterics, laughing at the concept of us attending a conference on knitting. In fact, she was doubled over with laughter, with tears in her eyes (very funny Supervisor Susan).

Not long after that I injured my neck and suffered a concussion, and was unable to knit. Supervisor Susan didn't appreciate how devastating that was to me. I made the comment she should be upset because it meant I couldn't knit her a sweater. Her retort, was "yeah, right."

As part of my physical therapy, I had to learn start knitting small projects, and relearn to read knitting instructions. When I got to the point I could do a "larger" project, and able to read knitting instructions again, I decided to knit Supervisor Susan a sweater. Now, I never stated what type of a sweater, or what size for that matter.

I came across this great little sweater pattern for the American Girl doll. It's the Boxy Cardigan Sweater for 18" Doll. It looked easy enough, and like it wouldn't be too heavy or complicated to handle.

Now Supervisor Susan is a classic woman, and so I knew I had to come up with something that would be just as classic. I dug through my yarn stash and came across some beautiful white Orlon Acrylic that my great aunt had in her yarn stash. The sweater was fun, and didn't take too long for me to do. The next step was what type of buttons to put on. Again, had to come up with something classic.

Aunt Marguerite left me all of her buttons when she passed on so I started going through the jars of buttons. I didn't have a complete set of six of any one button, so I mixed them up. Glad I did, because the mixed up buttons were perfect for the sweater.

Supervisor Susan was so stunned, and she said she was very touched that I would make this sweater for her (even though it would only fit a doll). When I told her the yarn and buttons were left to me by my aunt she was really touched.

Supervisor Susan was also very impressed, and now has a true respect for knitting. She also has a true appreciation for the skill and time that goes into a knitted project. She understands the love and respect that goes into a knitted gift. No more laughing about my knitting. Now Supervisor Susan is laughing about my teeth. That's a whole different story.

Supervisor Susan, let me know when you want to learn to knit. I've got needles and yarn just for you.

Baby Boomer Sue

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