Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our 4 days in dog heaven!

See Edgar. See Edgar sunbathe. We spent four days over the Memorial Day weekend in Sequim at Edgar's Place. Edgar loves this place. In fact, Edgar is the one who picked our little piece of heaven when we were looking at properties.

When David announced he was ready to retire we contemplated where we wanted to settle. Since David's jobs have always determined where we would live, David told me it was my turn to choose. I love the Olympic Pennisula and wanted to check out possibilities there. We went over to Sequim for a friend's wedding and spent four days checking out properties. Edgar came with us. He was about 10 months old and was having a good time hanging out with us, and checking out various pieces of property. However, Edgar displayed one interesting behavior. He wouldn't go potty. He was eating and drinking, but no peeing or pooing. That is until we got to our present place in Sequim. There was something about this piece of property that Edgar felt special. He gave his blessings several times, peeing and pooing. We came over the following weekend to check out other properties and revisiting this place. Again, same behavior from Edgar. He would only "bless" the one piece of property. Well, that's the place we bought, and it truly has been blessed. Hence, the reason we refer to our Sequim home as "Edgar's Place." All of our dogs love this place, and all of the doggies we have fostered or dog sat for friends have loved Edgar's Place.

The dogs play and run, blitz and bark, and get all of the freedom that a fenced half-acre lot will allow. Louie needed to take a break and rest a spell. He "rested" for about 30 minutes and then was off to the great outdoors.
Which meant resting in the shade of a tree. The sun in Sequim is intense, so shade trees are very welcomed friends for the doggies.
David and I spent the four days working in the yard, and gardening. I got the grass mowed again, and David did the "weed wacking" for days. The hard work is worth it though, because the yard is so peaceful and calm, and we all love spending time resting.
Frank and John will be coming up this summer to build a horseshoe pit for David for Dad's Day. We told Edgar the plans and he showed us the spot where the pit should go. The view of the Olympics is beautiful, the ground is flat, and there's plenty of room. Good pick Edgar!
It was a great weekend. Too bad we had to come back so soon, or maybe it was a good thing we came back when we did. It has taken ALL of us the entire week to get rested up. We actually wore out Edgar, which truly is saying a lot. Even though we all got great sleep in Sequim, we all played too hard. Edgar, thanks for picking this little piece of dog heaven on earth for us.
Baby Boomer Sue

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