Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Sweater Didn't Stop Her

As I mentioned before, Disney and Bella were staying with us for two weeks while Cynthia was roughing it in Maui. Now little Bella is a darling Jack Russell with a lot of energy. She is always on the go, with one exception. Put any type of clothing on her, and she becomes paralyzed. At least, until last Sunday.
It was cold on Sunday and Bella was shaking. She was also all over the place barking. I decided to put a jacket on her to keep her warm (and to also stop her twirling). She was paralyzed for exactly 3 seconds, and then she tore off to go join the rest of the pack as they were tearing down the deck to see what was happening next door.
Cynthia won't believe this. I took pictures as proof. The picture above is the first one of Bella and Edgar listening for more action.
They followed me into the house, looking for action.

Then it was back outside again to join Disney, looking for action down the street. (So much for paralysis.)

Bella was all over the place. She helped David in the yard, she helped me with the laundry, all the while wearing the jacket. I finally decided it was because the jacket is a very special one. This was Andy's jacket.
While Bella was all over the place in the jacket, Disney was posing on the deck, saying "take my picture too." This is a rare shot of Disney. He's motionless for a few minutes. In fact, a couple of minutes later he was out cold, sleeping off all of the play.
As for Bella, well she wore that special jacket all day. We found her that night sound asleep on the couch, still in the jacket.
In fact, she wore that jacket until bed time.
So much for the theory she freezes when she has clothing put on her.
Today Cynthia came and collected her two babies. They were thrilled to see her and said a fond farewell.
See you two characters soon. Probably at the next Sip n' Knit.

Baby Boomer Sue

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