Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rocks Are Good!

Sequim is well known for its abundance of rocks and we have found a few on our place. We are fortunate that the rocks are limited to just one area of our property. Most lots aren't.

When we were looking for our retirement residence, we had three requirements -- level lot, one-level house, and NO ROCKS. You see, everywhere David and I have lived, we have had slopes of some sort in our yards and ROCKS, LOT OF ROCKS. We've had big rocks, bigger rocks, and even bigger rocks. (I have cleared out enough rocks in our current yard in Bellevue to line garden paths with and for draining around the garden shed.) When looking at property, we took along a shovel to dig in the ground to check for rocks. We dug in four different locations on our place and NO ROCKS. No rocks, and Edgar loved the place.

On our little deck we have a group of the larger rocks we dug up when putting the garden in. They've been there for a couple of years now and I was planning on moving them to the rock pile last weekend. When I finally got around to it I found this ...
A.J. had made himself right at home with the rocks. For a while he had his head resting on the rock to his right. Doesn't he look comfy? What I can't recall is if the rocks were in this postition before A.J. settled in. I thought they were bunched together on the mat. Whatever, the rocks didn't get moved.

The garden is all cleaned up and mostly planted. I have to plant the pole beans, some more lettuce, and a few flowers. We love this garden. To me it is a dream come true, I've always wanted a large garden to grow any vegetable I wanted and to have room for my flowers. We've got good soil, and it is entirely organic.
The fence is to keep the dogs out of the garden because we have drip irrigation and they pull it out of the drip lines when running to say hi to the neighbors. Occasionally I let the fluffs come in with me and they know the rules .. no peeing, no pooping, no barking and no running. The garden is a peaceful place and full of life.

A couple of weekends ago when we were in Sequim we cleaned out the Friendship garden. It was so full of dandelions and those irritating "spitting weeds" that we couldn't see the roses. We got it cleaned out in about four hours. It was kind of fun, and reminded us a little of Christmas. As we were cleaning out the weeds, we stop and say "look a rose," "look a dahlia," "look the peony."

Well, I'm off to go find A.J. He's been sleeping in the path of rocks here in Bellevue. It's got to be because the rocks retain the sun's heat, and we've had a lot of clouds.

Baby Boomer Sue

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