Monday, December 31, 2007


Today John is 26. John was the 2.5 hour start to finish labor, starting at 4:00 a.m., three weeks before his due date. He was almost born in the car in a snow storm. We made it on time to the hospital, however, with me running up the stairs to the second floor to tell the nurse on duty "I'm having a baby."

John was the quiet, studious baby. At five months he could be propped on the couch with a book and he'd study it. He never did crawl, he drug himself around with his left arm. He didn't walk or talk until he was 13 months old, at which time he toddled saying "want cookie." John was the baby full of mystery. People would come to visit and they would comment how quiet he was. I'd challenge any of them to visit for a day and see how quiet he was. He was always trying things out, studying them, busy and on the go.

John you have always been the charmer. You learned at a very early age that all you had to do was turn your little head so you were looking at me with that chocolate brown eye of yours, and I could become a softie. You have used that charm all of your life, always to your advantage. Most times it worked. You taught me to be a tough Mom, staying strong on my side of a story.

We have had our moments. There were many years where we barely spoke to each other. However, during those years, I always knew you loved me and you always knew I loved you. I can remember there was a time I was hurt by your lack of interest in me when your Dad told me not to take it personal. I didn't and that helped. You had to figure out who you were, and you wanted to do it on your own. I think you did a good job doing so.

You have made me cry, but you have also made me laughed myself silly, with tears in my eyes. You have driven crazy nuts where I wanted to knock you across the room (as if I could) and you have made me the proudest mom around.

Throughout the years I have always been thrilled to be your mom, even when it was hard. I am a blessed mom having you and your brother as my sons.

You are special John, and I love you. Dad and I are so proud of who you have become. You are a kind and generous soul, and a wonderful young man. Thank you for being who you are, and for being our son.

Stay sweet and Happy Birthday. Happy New Year's to you too.



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  1. This John guy sounds like a good dude.